Lambs For Sale

lambs for sale

Lambing season has begun… …and that means we’ll have lambs for sale soon. Each year, we have two crops of lambs: one group in January/February and another group in April. Our available lambs for sale will be ready about two months after their birth date. Lambs Born – Lambs Ready for Sale Born in January […]

An End and a Beginning

Today was the end of a big thing for Bethlehem Farm. Because today was our last farm delivery run to our local customers. We recently announced some changes that we are making to our farm: A we’re making a turn. You can read the official update on our blog, but the short of it is […]

Farm Update: Summer 2023

Changes are coming to Bethlehem Farm in the next month, and we want to let you, our loyal customers, know what’s ahead. Many of you have been with us for several years and are familiar with our journey to slowly grow our small farm to be able to offer high quality eggs and meat cuts […]

Finding Free

I love watching our sheep discover green grass again after the long winter in the barn. The momma ewes get right to the hunt for their favorite leaves: clover, alfalfa, dandelions, and tender grasses. They’re barreling out of the barn at race pace, pushing and shoving to get to the feast. They’ve done this before […]

Part 2: The First and the Last

If you missed part one of our lambing season recap, you can read it here. Each lambing season has its typical ups and downs, but Dorothy tops our list this year for the most special. Dorothy On a Thursday afternoon, Andy and I had made plans to go see a movie at the theater. All of […]

Part 1: The First and the Last

…and what happened in between. The first day of lambing season looks very different than the last day of lambing season. We start with zeal and excitement, and end with a shuffle and a blank stare. This year was no exception. The first lamb that dropped this year surprised all of us. It was two […]

In 30 Minutes Flat

The scene. Andy and Jodi are sitting together in the car, returning home on one very average winter day! 3:21pm – Andy and I are driving home from a shepherd’s conference in Lansing” two full days of sheep talk with fellow sheep lovers and livestock veterans. We’re on our way to pick up the kids […]

The Female of the Species

An unexpected discovery. Right in front of me. As we prepare for another lambing season, I’ve been doing some mental push-ups. Strengthening my inner being for what is guaranteed to be a demanding period on the farm—physically, emotionally, and mentally. The hours and patience and decision-making involved in assisting our flock to deliver as many […]

Mike Rowe, Paul Harvey, World War II, and Christmas cookies

And what they all have in common. I climbed in my car in a funk, irritated and discouraged, and not sure why. I did know that I needed to find my way out of the fog, and quickly. It was a rare day off, and I didn’t want my family to have to put up […]

The Value of Dirt in December

December is a dance. A dance not unlike that of the famed sugar plum fairy… but notably more comical. We imagine, like that dancing fairy on stage, that in this Christmas season we’ll be treating our loved ones to an inspiring display of light-strewn beauty, fresh wonder, and festive music and costume. It’s Christmas, after […]