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Tunis Sheep in Michigan

We chose the Tunis breed of sheep specifically for its distinctive flavor and tenderness, their ability to thrive on pasture and grass, their good mothering skills, and general temperament. Tunis sheep are one of only three sheep breeds on the Ark of Taste, a heritage food project cataloging delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. This metaphorical ark carries the dual goal of helping preserve the cultural and social narratives embedded within American food traditions while promoting and preserving biodiversity within our delicate food system (1).

We sell lamb for many uses: breeding stock, 4H lambs, whole lambs for personal consumption, and individual lamb cuts in our farm store.

The remarkable history of this breed is worth the read. Tunis were introduced in the United States as a gift to George Washington from the Bey of Tunis in the late 1700s. They were almost lost to extinction during the Civil War, and have slowly grown in numbers since that time.

Our Tunis and Tunis-cross sheep are raised outdoors on pasture in the spring, summer and fall, and are moved into the barn for winter and lambing time. Their diet consists of grass, hay and our own special feed blend: a custom, freshly ground non-GMO feed mix supplemented with organic minerals. A higher quality feed enhances meat quality, nutritional value, and taste.

Bethlehem Farm Tunis: distinctive local lamb in Southwest Michigan.