Who We Are

About Us

A Michigan Sheep Farm

We are a small sheep farm in southwest Michigan. There are just four of us that man this operation—Andy and his three farm hands: wife Jodi, son Noah and daughter Faith.

Andy grew up in a small, rural home surrounded by farmland that was owned by other people. He dreamed from a very early age of running his own farm one day, spending hours designing grain setups, pens, and buildings out of legos and toothpicks.

He started working toward his dream at the age of 13, when he joined a local, conventional chicken operation as a farm hand. From there he moved to a hog farm, then worked as a diesel mechanic at a tractor dealership while building his own hay and soybean operation by his early 20s.

After moving to Kansas City to go to college in 2005, he learned organic farming practices on a small, urban produce farm and later had a stint as an organic crop and livestock inspector. This season marked a shift from his early conventional ag approach toward building a regenerative, sustainable farming practice that can remain small, innovative, and stewardship-focused.

When we realized our primary love is for sheep, our Michigan farm began to focus exclusively on raising quality breeding stock and savory lamb cuts for the local market.

Now together, we are farmers working to be true shepherds to our sheep and grow higher quality food for ourselves, Michigan, and beyond.


Members of the Michigan Sheep Producers Association

Why Bethlehem?

We knew “Bethlehem” would be the name of our sheep farm a decade before we even owned land or moved to Michigan. As a college student in Kansas City in 2006, Bethlehem Farm was a backyard garden. Andy approached this project like every other endeavor: with zeal.

While double digging their ever-expanding backyard garden plot, the name “Bethlehem” came to him seemingly out of “nowhere”. It felt like a whisper to his heart, and he knew that would be the name of his farm.

Bethlehem means "house of bread"