lambs for sale

Lambs For Sale

Lambing season has begun...

…and that means we’ll have lambs for sale soon.

Each year, we have two crops of lambs: one group in January/February and another group in April. Our available lambs for sale will be ready about two months after their birth date.

Lambs BornLambs Ready for Sale

Born in January – Ready in March

Born in February – Ready in April

Born in March – Ready in May

Born in April – Ready in June

We raise the Tunis breed of sheep and Tunis crosses. Tunis sheep are a heritage breed of sheep that were prolific in America up until the Civil War, when they were almost wiped out entirely by traveling soldiers for food. 

They are now on the Watch List, and we are one of the breeders working to bring them into recovery in the U.S. They are known for the red coloring on their heads and legs, tender and mild meat, versatile cream-colored wool, good mothering, pasture hardiness, and overall versatility. 

You can read more about the history and qualities of the breed on our website.

lambs for sale

We offer lambs for sale for many uses:

  • Purebred Tunis breeding stock (both registered and unregistered)
  • Breeding stock for small farms and hobby farms
  • 4H lambs
  • Whole lambs for personal consumption
  • Individual lamb cuts

Our lambs are handled often from birth to weaning to help make them easier to handle (and, well, because they’re so darn cute and cuddly). During spring, summer, and fall they live out on pasture on a grass diet, and then they come into the barn for winter and lambing time. We worm them as needed for parasite control and only administer antibiotics when needed to treat sickness.

You can shop for lamb cuts on our website, or contact us directly to join our wait list for whole lambs or breeding stock when they are ready to wean.