A first-generation farm.
A nearly-ancient path.

Stand at the crossroads and look: ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.

We Are A Local Farm Raising

Heritage Breeds

About Us

Bethlehem Farm

Working from the ground up, we are dreamers and entrepreneurs carving out an ancient way of life for our family, and for many others who are standing at the crossroads and longing for that good way.

We are a small, local, family farm in southwest Michigan. There are just four of us that man this operation—Andy and his three farm hands: wife Jodi, son Noah and daughter Faith.

Andy grew up in a small, rural home surrounded by farmland that was owned by other people. He dreamed from a very early age of running his own farm one day, spending hours designing grain setups, pens, and buildings out of legos and toothpicks.

A Local Farm
& Clean Food Homestead

A small, local sheep farm in the Holland, Michigan area practicing regenerative agriculture to offer pasture-raised lamb to our community — for your table and for your pasture.

sheep for sale

Lamb For Your Table

Our local farm provides whole lambs for tables in the Holland, Michigan area. Lambs may be purchased whole for your family or for your local restaurant menu. We raise Tunis sheep which have been selected for the Ark of Taste and are known for their tender and flavorful meat.

Lamb For Your Pasture

Join our wait list to start or add to your own flock. We sell registered Tunis lambs every spring and summer for breeders and hobby farmers in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and beyond. Our pasture-raised sheep are good mothers and frequent twinners, excellent for both meat and wool production.

Heritage Breeds

We raise heritage breeds of livestock, which are traditional pure breeds with a long history in the U.S. These are the breeds your great-grandparents probably raised before mainstream agriculture created a high production, low quality monoculture in our food system. We choose heritage breeds known for flavor, distinctiveness, and quality.


We are compelled to be faithful stewards of creation, shepherding our land and animals with care. Recognizing that no natural resource is infinite, we believe we will reap what we sow. If we put good into our soil, it will give good back to us. We must employ wisdom, not modern agricultural groupthink, to produce a quality food source that we can feel good about feeding our children.


We are working to raise up an alternative food source outside of the mainstream food system. Small, local farms are not as dramatically impacted by the shortcomings and failures of the mainstream food supply (hello 2020). Local farms like ours sell directly to the consumer, exclude the middle man, and typically process their meat through smaller processing facilities who can regulate themselves, according to government guidelines, more easily.


Bethlehem Farm started as a backyard garden in a jam-packed 1950s-era neighborhood. As first generation farmers, we built our entire operation after we clocked out of our day jobs (usually in the dark). We learned to be creative, making function out of other people’s castoffs, raising livestock in other people’s barns. We also learned to find delight in whispered in-betweens when lambs were frisking and kittens needed holding. Making beauty from ashes forged a foundational creativity in our work.

The local food movement is not just about supporting high quality growing practices and the local economy.

It's about food security.

Our Reviews

What Our Customers Say

    Katie (Holland, MI)

    We've really really been loving the meat subscription! Every time we have meals made with your meat, everyone says it's the "best ever!"

      Sue (Hamilton, MI)

      We grilled some of the new lamb sirloin steaks and the verdict? Fantastic! Tender and delicious, the little bit of fat was melt in your mouth and the texture was excellent. Can’t wait to try more cuts. Thank you!

        Jill (Zeeland, MI)

        We made our ham steaks last night for dinner, and WOW so good! They had such full flavor and all we did was brown them just like Jodi mentions in her post here! Seriously the easiest ever!! Even the kids were asking for more! Thank you so much for the amazing pork, we can't wait to try more from our bundle.

          Marci (Holland, MI)

          I love this little farm and their products! I'm remembering what it is like to start a business from nothing but hard work and a dream... Their eggs are delicious and I always use their honey 😋. Looking forward to trying their meats soon.

            Mandy (Holland, MI)

            Thank you Bethlehem Farm for the delicious sausage and bacon! It made for a Wonderful Easter breakfast!

              Annette (Holland, MI)

              A big thank you for all your hard work that helped make last night’s dinner! The delmonico was delicious!

                Julie (Holland, MI)

                So glad we could get out and visit the farm!! Looking forward to enjoying our Berkshire pork, honey and eggs! And those little lambs were a bonus!!

                  Heather (Holland, MI)

                  So interesting and yummy!

                    Alyssa (Hamilton, MI)

                    It’s seriously the BEST honey.

                      Jason (Holland, MI)

                      Sirloin steak. Top meal of 2021... Maybe 2020 as well.