Local Pork Farm

A Local Pork Farm Known For Distinctively Superior Flavor

Our local pork farm in Holland, Michigan is distinct in both breed and feed for superior taste and quality. We raise heritage breed pigs, and we particularly like the Berkshire breed. Berkshire Pork is a heritage breed of pig that originated in Berkshire, England. Berkshire pork is sometimes called the “Kobe Beef of pork” because of its superior quality and taste.

We raise our heritage breed pigs small-scale on our local pork farm without growth hormones, and the meat is antibiotic-free. (We only use antibiotics sparingly when animals are sick, and never prior to butchering.)

Bethlehem pigs are fed our own special feed blend: a custom, freshly ground feed mix supplemented with organic minerals. A higher quality feed enhances meat quality, nutritional value, and taste.