Fresh Eggs

A Local Pork Farm Known For Distinctively Superior Flavor

We feed our Bethlehem Farm Rhode Island Red laying hens our own special feed blend: a custom, freshly ground non-GMO feed mix supplemented with organic minerals. A higher quality feed enhances egg quality, nutritional value, and taste.

In the summertime, we like to send our hens out to pasture. Pasture-raised eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids, more of Vitamins A, D and E, more antioxidants, and less saturated fat and cholesterol than factory farm eggs. (12). So when time and space permit during the warmer months, our hens are out on green grass on a seasonal pasture rotation.

The result is a cage-free brown egg with a rich yellow yolk. Our customers are always telling us how much more substantial and tasty our eggs are, with darker yolks and harder shells, compared to the store-bought variety.

It’s all in the feed.