Pork Is Back

“You had me at bacon.”

That was one of our customers’ responses when we shared on social media that Bethlehem Farm pork would soon be back on the menu. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

And not only bacon, but ham steaks and breakfast sausage and chorizo and pork chops and ground pork and brats and … okay, okay, you probably get the gist. Have I whetted your appetite yet?

We’ve got bundle options and easy links for you below, but first, let me say why Bethlehem Pork is so. much. different. than grocery store pork. Because you might not know…

The corporate pork industry decided awhile back that the market wanted lean pork. This was back when the low-fat craze was at full tilt and all fat and cholesterol was bad. (Isn’t it interesting how science and health standards change over the years?)

So most of the pork industry off-loaded the breeds with extra fat marbling (like our favorite heritage Berkshires) and went all-in on quicker-growing lean breeds. As a result, the whole pork food chain now reflects the same lean monoculture in pig coops and grocery stores across America (which we don’t believe is good for agriculture or the food supply, but that’s the subject of another email).


Bethlehem Pork is not “the other white meat”. Ours is pink.

And it has a higher fat content (gasp) and deeper flavor, because here’s the secret: fat adds the flavor, juiciness and tenderness that you love. Without it, you get bland, dry pork.

Just say no.

We did. And with our new online store, we can now offer it year-round. Take a look and click through to get yours coming…

So check it out and enjoy better food with us…