We Have A Winner, Folks

Drum roll, please…

This is going to be fun.

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you for entering, sharing, and joining in the buzz of our Ram Naming Contest. We got entries ranging from hilarious to meaningful to “How in the world did they come up with that?” 🙂

There were so many creative ideas submitted that we’ve decided to award some honorable mentions before announcing the winner. They’re just too good not to share.

We’re also celebrating the occasion with a SALE. Check it out here.

Now here were some of our favorites…


– Laurie H.

Baaabby (Bobby)

– April R.


– Jason R., Sandi N.


– Joanne W.

“Jean Claude Van-Ram”

– Sandi N.


– Katie P.


– Sandy L.

Sandy said this one is from Genesis 22, when God provided the ram for Abraham on the mountain. We liked this one so much that we decided to give our lambing area this symbolic name: The Jireh Lambing Pens.

Bethlehem Farm voting day looked a lot like the national vote in 2020. There was arguing, crying, name-calling (get it?), arm wrestling, and general pandemonium.

But when the votes were counted, there was one name that made our final cut. Congratulations to Clayton B. (and his son) for their grand prize-winning entry! Clayton wins a free Beef Family Bundle from Bethlehem Farm. So without further delay…

Our new ram is officially named…


Thanks for playing along, everyone! Let’s do this again soon.

We’re in the mood to celebrate, so for one week only, our Beef Family Bundles are on sale! If you’ve been wanting to try some Bethlehem Farm beef, now is a great time.